Welcome to the TeMIP Special Interest Group

The OpenView Forum’s TeMIP Special Interest Group (OVFI TeMIP SIG) is a user run group that helps to determine the future direction of OpenView TeMIP. Twice a year at a world wide meeting, TeMIP Users share design, implementation and operation experiences, with HP developers on hand – providing feedback that allows HP to  tailor OpenView TeMIP even more closely to real customer needs. In addition, TeMIP SIG members often share information and relate real user experiences for TeMIP among themselves – via discussion group and presentation collateral.  


Training Now Available in the United States from HP Education Services

A robust training curriculum for the HP OpenView Telecom Management solutions (ie. TeMIP, SQM, and IUM) is now available from HP Education Services. Courses are available now, with new US based schedules and other selected HP training centers worldwide. To learn more about these US based course offerings, please go to http://www.hp.com/education/sections/oplanding.html where you will see the complete curriculum paths and detailed course datasheets for the various audiences. Ask us about on-site delivery of these courses, too!

Role-based training for these products (TeMIP, SQM abd IUM) includes specialized curriculum tracks for Integrators, Operators, Administrators, Development Engineers, and Customization Engineers. Based on role requirements, training participants will learn to design, set up, and use product features, perform day-to-day management tasks and implement methods for extending the platform capabilities.

HP OpenView TeMIP is a family of software products for the management of telecommunications networks, addressing the needs of operators of fixed, wireless, voice, data and IP networks. It aids the prediction, identification and resolution of failures before they impact services. A TeMIP Solution is scaleable and can cope with any expected growth (managed network size growth, extra management functionality, increased number of operators) in a very easy and transparent way. A TeMIP environment is extremely flexible and allows you to create user-defined solutions that suit customer requirements and constraints.

HP OpenView IUM, the market-leading mediation platform that provides collection, processing and delivery of critical network usage data to mission critical applications such as post-paid and pre-paid subscriber billing and operation support systems. IUM had proven sucess in a range of Telco environments, providing mediation for mobile voice and data networks, WLAN/WiFi, standard voice and IP networks.

HP OpenView SQM answers the demands of end-to-end service quality management with tools for managing quality of service and service level agreements. It allows service providers to move towards proactive service management while focusing on their highest paying customers. Customers express their perception of service quality as a degree of satisfaction. So, assessing service quality implies taking into account various types of quality measures (such as quality of service). HP OpenView SQM brings together all of these service quality concepts to provide a real-time evaluation of the services and service level agreements to operators.

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