OpenView Forum Members’ Responsibilities:

All members are governed by our Bylaws and Policies.

We no longer require a membership fee, but we do ask for certain profile data in our membership data base to be kept up to date – at least annually. Besides your contact info, we’ll ask you to periodically review the information you have provided about your OpenView environment. We only give your email and product information to 3rd parties with your specific opt-in, so rest assured that the information is only used to help us better provide services to the OpenView professional community.

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Membership Categories

There are 3 types of Memberships available:

  1. Full Membership
    All individuals who are employed in an organization with a current license for an Hewlett-Packard OpenView product are eligible for the Full Membership. Membership is held by the individual. Full Members are eligible for all OVFI provided services. (NOTE: Only Full Members are eligible to be elected to apposition of officer or director of OpenView Forum International.)
  2. Associate Membership
    Individuals who do not hold a Hewlett-Packard OpenView license, but have a significant interest in enterprise management using Hewlett-Packard OpenView products, are eligible for the Associate Membership. Membership is held by the individual. Associate Members are eligible for all OVFI provided services, but are NOT allowed to be an officer or Director of OpenView Forum International.
  3. HP OpenView Business Unit Membership
    If you are employed by HP and work in the OpenView Business Unit, you can join OpenView Forum as an HP member. (Other HP employees should sign up as Associate members.) HP OV BU members are eligible to receive all services but are not permitted to vote in elections or submit requirements via the enhancement request system or surveys.

You can change your classification of membership by updating your profile at any time. So if your job situation changes your membership eligibility, simply reflect the new information on your profile and select the appropriate membership category at that time.

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