What is the TeMIP Special Interest Group?

Welcome to the HP OpenView TeMIP Special Interest Group (TeMIP SIG) – a sub-forum of the HP OpenView Forum International.

The International TeMIP Users Group (ITeUG) was founded in 1997 by a group of telecom network operators and system integrators working with the HP OpenView TeMIP TeMIP Product.  In 2003,  ITeUG affiliated themselves with OpenView Forum International (OVFI) as a special interest group called the TeMIP Special Interest Group or TeMIP SIG.

The Group is independent of any HP organization. It is not part of the TeMIP Users Forum although many TeMIP SIG members are involved in the forum. This is an independent forum for and hosted by the users of HP OpenView TeMIP, with support from HP.

The founders recognized that many of the problems associated with the setup and operation of a HP OpenView TeMIP system were independent of different markets. They realized that many HP OpenView TeMIP integrators were duplicating effort by working on similar solutions to identical problems. This led to both increased costs for end users, and it made it difficult for integrators to offer HP OpenView TeMIP solutions at a competitive price. Each member identified this area as a place of common interest among operators and integrators, even if they compete in the same markets. Everyone can benefit from the shared resources of a users group like the TeMIP SIG.

Members: Who is in the TeMIP Special Interest Group?

The TeMIP SIG is a collection of Companies that makes use of the HP OpenView TeMIP product set. Currently the membership is spread over four continents .

Members generally fall into three main categories:

Network Operators – these are companies that hold a license to operate a telecommunications business within a single or number of countries, such as:

o A mobile telephone network
o A fixed telephone network
o A cable company delivering multimedia into businesses and private homes
o A carrier delivering high band interconnections for any of the above or for other large corporate

System Integrators/Consultants – these are companies that build and integrate solutions for other
businesses in so far as they:

o Develop and sell software products to other companies
o Integrate software solutions into other companies
o Manage existing solutions within companies

Telecommunications/Network equipment manufacturers –companies that build and sell network infrastructure.

New members are sought from the growing Enterprise management segment of HP OpenView TeMIP users .The influence of the TeMIP SIG is dependent on the number of members in the group. We would like as many TeMIP users as possible to join the TeMIP SIG. Anyone holding an HP contract may become a member. The only “administrative burden” to take is the signing of the TeMIP SIG mandate.

Note: The TeMIP SIG, previously known as the International TeMIP users Group (ITeUG),  is affiliated with the OpenView Forum International Users’ Group (OVFI).  In order to become a members of the TeMIP SIG, one must first be a members of OVFI.  As part of the join process for OVFI, one can elect to participate in various SIGs or Local Chapters of SIGs.

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