How is the TeMIP special interest group organized?

The TeMIP SIG is a special interest group organization of OpenView Forum Users Group (OVFI). The SIG can have multiple regional chapters as well, but currently runs as a single world-wide sub-forum of OVFI.

The TeMIP SIG has one permanent secretary, who is the single point of contact for new members or questions to the TeMIP SIG. 

 SIG meetings are organized in turns by the members, with the host of the meeting providing the organizing officer. This organizing officer is supported by the secretary of the group. One of the main objectives when founding the group was to keep administration and organization at a minimum. The result of this was a rather loose meeting schedule of two meetings a year. (The dates are generally set close to the design milestones timing of the HP OpenView TeMIP development to maximize the impact of requirements. )

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