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There’s a wealth of Openview Expertise available via CD!
Attendees at the past annual HP Software Forum conferences have received a compilation of the audio and video synchronized recordings of the sessions from those events on a multi CD set sent to all attendees. These sessions contain a wide variety of OpenView training and tips and techniques for successful implementations. We thought you might want to sample a couple of the sessions from Montreal in June 2004 – so we’re including two popular sessions in this newsletter.

Non-attendees can purchase the CD sets as well. Details are available on the web site or write us at  

A Practical Guide to OVO Monitoring of DMZ Nodes using SSH Tunneling
Melvin Farber, Hewlett Packard

This presentation is a recorded session from HP Software Forum in Montreal that covers the management of nodes in a DMZ using SSH tunneling based on the DCE Daemonless communication mechanism introduced by HP. The session is a case study of the use of this technology by the US Bureau of Census.  Previous methodologies had been rejected by the Bureau of the Census and other government and private sector groups because communication was initiated from the DMZ and the number of open ports in the firewall.

Click to view the presentation (Quicktime 6 Required)
Download Quicktime

OVOW Tips and Tricks
Jonathon Haworth and Drew Dimmick, Hewlett Packard

This article is a recorded session from the June 2004 P Software Forum in Montreal that covers tips and tricks for OpenView Operations for Windows (OVOW).  Many tips and tricks are covered including:

  • What utilities are available to make life easier with OVOW or make useful additions to an OVOW administrator's ‘toolkit’
  • Installation: tips for installation including W2K3,
  • Configuration: auto-discovery, policy deployment, user credentials
  • Debugging: where to look when things don’t go as planned, error logs, tracing.
  • Operations: scheduled maintenance, utilities and best practices
  • Functionality introduced in OVOW 7.21 and the upcoming OVOW versions

Click to view the presentation (Quicktime 6 Required)
Download Quicktime

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