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Presidents Column
Thomas Reinsel, OVFI President

Greetings Fellow OpenView International Users!

This is my first letter to you since becoming President of OVFI in September 2004. I have been an avid OpenView user since 1992. I can still remember the excitement of seeing a network discovery take place. I fondly recall finally figuring out the best way to deploy agents on hundreds of UNIX servers, and beginning the first steps to managing the enterprise.

OpenView has sure come a long since then and so has our worldwide users group. I am honored to be the current President and will work diligently to make OVFI a value to you. 2005 will be an interesting year for OVFI. We are ending the year with several notable milestones in place and are looking forward to a year of new horizons.

One of the main topics the Board of Directors is watching this upcoming year is our participation with the North American HP Technology Forum. As you may have read, HP is asking to consolidate user group conferences into one event. Because OVFI had already scheduled our 2005 event and because we would like to see how the Technology Forum will be of value to our focused membership, we are planning on having our annual software conference, HP Software Forum, in Denver, CO next June. This conference will be the same type of event as in previous years and is fully supported and co-sponsored by HP. (We’ll also participate and help out with the content and programming for the HP technology event in September, and create content for the traditional hardware-focused audience expected there.) To be sure, the software event in Denver next June is the preferred conference for OpenView Customers. We’ll make new announcements for 2006 at the conference in Denver about our direction for future years.

Decisions about our future are best made by you the users of OpenView. For over ten years, OVFI has been listening and responding to our users, first by hosting some of the most technical learning sessions in the industry, and then by providing the networking and education events you’ve come to know. (Perhaps you are a user on our historical reflector, helping and sharing to solve complex problems with OpenView.)

As we look to the future of OVFI, the Board of Directors has set several goals for the New Year that I’d like to share with you.

First, we are going to re-invest into our web-based infrastructure. We feel that the Internet is what helped bring us together initially, and that it will continue to do so in the future. As we look at our 6,000+ members, we think that a robust web-based infrastructure is necessary to keep us connected with interesting content and community value. While a good bit of our users connect to OVFI at a local user group or conference, a large majority does not. OpenView is an interesting software product and it needs the support of a group of professional friends. OVFI offers opportunities to build communities of OpenView professionals to help you think about best practices, explore new ways of doing things, and know there is a place to share your success.

Second, we are going to focus on strengthening our relationship with both you and HP. We believe that by linking these two unique groups of people, great things happen. HP can build better software. You can implement better solutions where you work. Partners can find value in creating other true solutions that fill the gap. Keeping this unique team of people together, excited, and energized is our number one priority.

Finally, we are working to make sure that the organization stays in tact for the next generation. We are working on several projects to ensure that OVFI is financially sound for years to come to keep, so that our unique organization can continue adding value to the OpenView community. Currently, extra income from the annual OVFI conference is the only way OVFI can keep electronic services running and local chapters functioning. We’re looking for new financial models to pay for member services as well as the infrastructure to keep things running.

I’d like to close with a thank you for all of the OVFI volunteers. This organization wouldn’t continue to operate without dedicated volunteers. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I’d like to thank our local chapter leaders, our annual conference program committee, and all of the other volunteers who make OVFI what it is.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year and Happy Holidays

Thomas Reinsel
OVFI President

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