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"Change is Good"

Throughout my life, I have heard about the three "Rs." Initially, there were the old-fashioned ones of reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic. But in the IT environment, we have another set of three "Rs": right sizing, restructuring and reengineering. Whenever these three ideas come along, they're basically founded in that dreaded word: "change." This is not a four-letter word, but it does invoke a definite, similar response. Change occurs. It's the only constant in our business world today. But it's not so much change itself that seems to affect our lives, but the way we choose to handle how change can affect our future. (One of the first lessons kids learn from video games is that if you do not keep moving, you're in trouble.) I would like to say that "change is good" and at OVFI we have some changes coming that will help you cope with the struggles of the business of management. Watch for these changes over the coming year, as we prepare to redefine our services to help you succeed.

We have some exciting changes happening already. OVFI just launched our new career center called "Career Central." This new career center focuses on the interests of OpenView users and professionals, and answers their need for a resource for job placement and career enhancement. OVFI Career Central provides an online job board designed to connect OpenView employers with highly qualified OpenView professionals. In the next couple of weeks we will have a new membership application. This application will help us serve our members better by implementing new service levels and enhanced resource centers. The OVFI Board of Directors has listened to the request that our members wanted and we have dedicated resources to provide our members new electronic services. Also in the next few months we will be putting a new look and feel to our website. OVFI is dedicated to being a number one resource for our members who are looking for OpenView and related enterprise management technology.

We also have the privilege to welcome a new Special Interest Group (SIG) to OVFI. The OpenView Forum's TeMIP Special Interest Group (OVFI TeMIP SIG) is a user run group that helps to determine the future direction of OpenView TeMIP. The TeMIP SIG was founded in 1997 by a group of telecom network operators and system integrators working with the TeMIP product. Twice a year at a worldwide meeting, TeMIP users share design, implementation, and operation experiences with HP developers on hand - providing feedback that allows HP to tailor OpenView TeMIP even more closely to real customer needs. By mid-summer 2004 we will announce more new SIG relationships that our members can take advantage of.

We're working hard to bring more value to your OVFI membership: additional services, web site updates, new regional events, partner programs and more. All of these new programs and services are designed to help you cope with the need for rapid information and assistance in the ever-changing environments we manage. I invite you to join forces with this organization and be a part of the solution. These are all changes that represent countless opportunities for individuals to join other active volunteers and share in all of the rewards of a job well done. OVFI is seeking volunteers for its 2004-2005 Councils and Committees. OVFI Councils and Committees are recognized vehicles for identifying the opportunities and challenges facing the community. They bring together leaders from all levels to explore the many facets of the industry and help move the profession forward. No matter what your talents are, we have a place for you! If you are interested in contributing your talents, please contact us via email: .

Henry E. Wojcik
President, OpenView Forum International

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