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TeMIP Membership Mandate

Goal: What is the TeMIP special interest group ?

The TeMIP SIG has the following goals:

  • Drive the future hp development/strategy of hp OpenView TeMIP by providing a forum where hp OpenView TeMIP users have an input and share their experiences with hp
  • Share the experience of hp OpenView TeMIP implementation, design and live running
  • To create and deliver a hp OpenView TeMIP enhancement list for hp to implement into each hp OpenView TeMIP release
  • To review the members use of hp OpenView TeMIP, exposing shortfalls, detailing product choice and sharing this information with hp
  • Encourage Telecom suppliers to integrate their products with hp OpenView TeMIP and form partnerships with hp
  • Encourage hp to integrate hp OpenView TeMIP with third party products and maintain the interfaces to TeMIP through upgrades
  • Provide information on third party products and how they are implemented and interface with hp OpenView TeMIP
  • Help hp to make hp OpenView TeMIP solutions successful
  • The group will influence features and functions of the product.

There will be no commercial aspects covered within the TeMIP SIG. This is the responsibility of each member and the respective local sales organization of HP.

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